Hyytiälä hosts top-level research and teaching in forestry and forest environments, as well as the internationally well-known SMEAR station for atmospheric research.

The Living Lab, which started operating in a new building completed in 2023, enables multidisciplinary research and teaching related to the effects of the built environment on sustainability, the climate and wellbeing. The versatile research environment provides a setting for research in, for example, wood and materials science and physics, as well as on human welfare and experiences, and indoor air. 

We welcome researchers from various universities and organisations in Finland and abroad. The geographically central location of the station makes it possible to conduct research all year round. 


A one of a kind research platform and unique services

Hyytiälä’s offerings include

  • A multidisciplinary research platform in the new building where continuous measurements generate data on the characteristics of timber structures and their variation over time.
  • Lecture facilities, equipment, laboratory facilities, cold spaces, workshops, accommodation, cafeteria services, transport equipment, etc.
  • Equipment for measuring trees and other plants, and for sample collection
  • Laboratory equipment for basic analyses or sample processing and preservation for later use
  • Expert staff and research services
  • A wide variety of forest industry operators located in the vicinity
University research stations in Finland

Hyytiälä belongs to the network of research stations covering the whole of Finland (RESTAT Finland), which is fully available for field work. There are a total of 12 research stations in Finland, 7 of which operate under the faculties of the University of Helsinki.

The oldest continuous environmental monitoring time series can be found at university research stations.


Research and teaching in forest sciences

The Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station and the surrounding state-owned land provide opportunities for research and teaching pertaining to the boreal forest zone.

The aim of the multidisciplinary activities is to promote the ecologically, economically and socially sustainable use of forests and peatlands, and to produce globally relevant new perspectives by means of research. 

Research and Groups Active at Hyytiälä

Living Lab is the latest addition to the infrastructures at Hyytiälä. It will provide possibilities for investigating the status of the new wooden buildings constructed during 2021-2023 and the well-being of people using the premises.

Open data and publications
Participation in International Infrastructures