The canteen at Hyytiälä Forest Station is open on weekdays and weekends by reservation.

The canteen prepares four meals a day; breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner. On Fridays, the meals end with coffee. The regular meal times for researchers and individual visitors are as follows:

  • breakfast from 7.00 to 8.00
  • Lunch 11.00-12.00
  • coffee from 13.30-13.50
  • Dinner 16.30-17.30

Depending on the booking situation, the canteen may close as early as 14.00, in which case the reserved dinners will be placed in the dining room, where they can be heated by the guests themselves.

Groups are often given their own meal times to ensure that meals are served without long queues.

The dining building has a kitchen cabinet where guests can store and prepare food 24/7.

Ordering catering

Ordering catering for events from Hyytiälä´s own kitchen

It is possible to order other catering services from the kitchen on request and the kitchen is able to provide them depending on the booking situation.

Ordering catering for events from the catering service

Catering for weekend events must be ordered in the first instance from the catering service. The old canteen can be hired for weekend events, with good facilities for catering. The Hyytiälä office or the kitchen can provide information on the various caterers.