Hyytiälä Forest Station

Hyytiäläntie 124

35500 Korkeakoski


Tel.+358 2941 20751

Our service address for bookings and office:

Bookings and Office

Hanna-Mari is responsible for meetings and visitor arrangements and billing.

Please prefer the email address for requests.

Juho Aalto, Director
Antti Uotila

Antti participates in the transition phase of changing station leadership.

Equipment and Field Work

Silja takes care of forestry equipment and gear required for teaching and field work, and also works with field sampling.

AV- and IT-equipment, data management etc

Best contacted through the kitchen office phone +358-50-5762944 or email

Laboratory Facilities

Besides laboratory, Matti is responsible also for some local duties of INAR (Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research).

Maintenance and Cleaning

Johanna Nevala (tel. 02941 20753),

Jaana Niemelä (tel. 02941 20768) and

Jarkko Saarimäki (tel. 02941 20752) work for the University of Helsinki Property Services and take care for cleaning and maintenace.

Living Lab
SMEAR Technical Staff

Staff responsible for maintenance and other duties related to SMEAR.

Projects of Societal Interaction

School cooperation

Climate actions at Pirkanmaa region

Full-time Researchers

Personnel who concentrate more on research than station services.