RESET aims to foster sustainable development and global justice – Find out more on the website

The RESET website offers insight into the four research themes and the expertise of the participating research networks HELSUS, HOH and INEQ. You can also follow the latest news and events on the site.

RESET is an umbrella network under which the HOH Helsinki One Health network, the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS and the Helsinki Inequality Initiative INEQ will continue to thrive and foster transdisciplinary research collaboration, tackling global challenges such as emerging diseases, climate change, biodiversity loss and social inequities in a holistic way. 

“The start of the RESET project has been most inspiring, and we see a true opportunity to build new collaborations, a whole new way of thinking about research beyond disciplinary borders, and a path to find solutions to the major global challenges of our time,” says Tarja Sironen, the leader of RESET. 

The four RESET research themes and their leaders are presented on the website:

The newsfeed on the website is a handy way to follow the participating research networks’ news all in the same place. 

For more information on the research and researchers in HELSUS, HOH and INEQ, please visit their respective websites: 

RESET will be officially kicked off on 7 May with a morning session aimed at the academic community and an afternoon event at Tiedekulma open to anyone interested in our research. 

The establishment of the RESET research network comes from an identified need to combine interdisciplinary knowledge and develop new, innovative ways to act responsibly within the finite conditions of our planet. The network's activity spans across a wide range of research disciplines, including social sciences, life sciences and the humanities, which enables a thorough approach to complex societal issues.

This University of Helsinki’s initiative, funded by the Research Council of Finland Profi7 profiling funding, gathers together top researchers and signifies an important step towards holistic and inclusive planning for the future.  

For more information, the RESET team at 

For issues specific to HOH, HELSUS and INEQ, you can also contact the Research Coordinators.