Together with our domestic and international partners, the University of Helsinki, as a strong multidisciplinary research university, provides the right environment for responding to the major challenges of our time through transdisciplinary research. Humans, animals and society must adapt to the big changes taking place on Earth. This project aims to produce tools that enable fairer and more equal adaptation.

This profile building area is a part of PROFI7, and received funding for 2023–2028. The forces of three ongoing profile-building projects – HELSUS, HOH and INEQ – will be combined in the new RESET project of the University of Helsinki.

The RESET area is led by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with seven other faculties (Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Social Sciences) from three campuses and the independent Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE participating.

The entire project is headed by Tarja Sironen, Associate Professor in Emerging Infectious Diseases from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.