About us

Wells Finland has researched and developed educational solutions for better well-being, working life skills and life-long learning since 2017.
Wells Finland Research to Business



  • The project pilots and commercializes a preventive and cost-effective well-being and working life skills course
  • With the help of pilots, the impact and applicability of the course is studied with various customers and users both domestically and internationally
  • The project explores ways of commercializing the course and prepares the conditions for starting a business after the project. 

Wells R2B project is partly financed by Business Finland. 

Wells Research

Wells research group has since 2017 examined and promoted student well-being and working / studying skills. The project was originally launched to respond to the concerns about how students are not feeling well and the fact that they are on the verge of exhaustion. There was a clear need to develop new kinds of solutions to help the students with these issues. 

It is impossible to develop expertise (high quality studying) if you are not feeling well. Universities that aim to provide experts for the needs of working life - solving the complex problems and issues of the future - demand good skills AND well-being. Most of all, a way to be able to deal with stress and pressure (and perhaps with the feelings of inadequacy, given that there are many big future challenges and problems).

This is why Wells researchers wanted to start developing something that can be a solution to these issues. Through rigorous research and development, Wells course was created to help solve the problem. 

Work has been partly financed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.