Our study examines and promotes employee and student well-being and working / studying skills.
Research goals

We aim to explore the interrelationship between students and employee well-being, their experiences of study- and work-related burnout, psychological flexibility and achievement and progression and further, how this interrelationship develops as study progresses. We aim to recognize the potential groups of students and employees who are likely to have problems during their studies or working career and who are at higher risk of study- or work-related burnout. The objective is also to develop integrated interventions to support students' and employees stress tolerance and well-being as well as life-long learning skills, and explore their effects on well-being, study and work processes and achievements.

Research in work organisations

During Wells Research to Business project (2023-2025) the focus of our research is on work organisations and their employees. During the project we pilot the Wells course in different types of companies and other work organisations in Finland and abroad.

The first pilot was organised for University of Helsinki employees in spring 2023. In the fall 2023 we've started the first pilots in companies. During 2024 we will reach out towards global markets; minimum 3 different markets are explored during the project. The focus of the research is the applicability and positive impact of the course on well-being at work. 

Research in higher education

Our study with students began with a pilot course in the fall semester of 2017 and has continued in the spring of 2018. Our intervention began this fall, so our research started on a small scale already at the end of 2017 and our project is currently designed to last until 2023.

Research methods

Our study is conducted using a mixed method approach which combines both quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as biophysical measurements.

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