Promoting well-being and working life skills

From science to personal, community and society benefit

WELLS project examines and promotes well-being, working life skills and life-long learning. Our research aim to explore the interrelationship between well-being and working / studying and how this interrelationship develops over time. We aim to recognize the potential groups who are likely to have problems and who are at higher risk of work or study-related burnout. The objective is to develop integrated interventions to help these groups, and explore its effects and impact on participant well-being, work and study processes and achievements. 

Our study is conducted using a mixed method approach which combines both quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as biophysical measurements. The research group functions mainly in the University of Helsinki but we have a lot of collaborators nationally and internationally. The project PI:s work as senior lecturers in university pedagogy at the Helsinki center for university teaching and learning (HYPE).

WELLS course - a research-based well-being solution for workplaces and students

The first examined solution is a research-based well-being and working/study skills course. The course integrates a core competency of modern working, psychological flexibility, with essential working / study skills. The solution is implementable flexibly online, has been scientifically proven to increase the well-being of the participants, gives group support and is suitable for many different types of user groups and situations.

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