Our multidisciplinary research group consists of talented and innovative researchers with varying backgrounds, but shared passion for student well-being and learning research.
Research group

Our primary interest is currently workplaces and employees as well as university students. For research and project-related matters, please contact Henna Asikainen or Nina Katajavuori.

Henna Asikainen

PI, Research director, PhD, docent

My research deals with questions concerning students' well-being and how to promote it during university studies. I also am interested in the relationship between well-being and learning processes. We use multi-method approach in our research comprising quantitative, qualitative and biophysical measures. In my work as a senior lecturer I try to think about ways to improve student learning and well-being with pedagogical solutions. In my opinion, concentrating on student well-being and thinking about ways to improve it is very important in university studies. During my free time, I love to pick mushrooms and go swimming with my children. 

Henna Asikainen, profile and contact information

Nina Katajavuori

General director, Product manager, PhD, docent

My research deals with questions concerning students wellbeing and studying and their relationship. In addition, my research concerns teaching and learning in higher education. We use multi-method approach in our research comprising quantitative, qualitative and biophysical measures. In my work as a senior lecturer I try to think about ways to improve student learning and well-being with pedagogical solutions.  During my freetime, I do sports like jogging, biking and horse-riding. I also love gardening and baking.

Nina Katajavuori, profile and contact information

Kristiina Räihä

Doctoral researcher (M.A.ed, M.H.Sc.)

My research interests include the multidisciplinary connections between well-being and learning, and the development and research of evidence-based interventions to support well-being in learning environments. My background educations are Master of Education and Master of Health Sciences, majoring in general and adult education, and gerontology and public health. As on occupational therapist my goal is to help people make most of their abilities and to thrive participating in occupations that are meaningful to them. During my free time I enjoy participating in outdoors activities with my children, reading and developing recipes suitable for different special diets.

Tiago da Silva Carvalho

Doctoral researcher

My research interests focus on the dynamics and contexts of teaching and learning. Apart from a long interest in classroom praxis, at the moment I am trying to understand how self-discipline, self-awareness, or knowledge of skills to cope with stress, burnout, or displacement can influence the teaching praxis, the learning dynamics, and the support structure of teachers, learners, and support staff in higher education institutions.

Furthermore, I am interested to see how different work environments and work cultures can influence wellbeing indicators in these target groups.

Kimmo Vehkalahti

Senior University Lec­turer, Social Data Science

Kimmo Vehkalahti, profile and contact information

Mari Tervaniemi

Professor, Research director

By now, my research has focused at investigating the mechanisms of human auditory cognition, emotion, and expertise. Currently I investigate the possibilities of music to support well-being and learning. In future, I will focus my efforts to reveal the basic neurocognitive and motivational mechanisms of learning in real-life contexts using multimethodological and interdisplicinary approach.

Mari Tervaniemi, profile and contact information

Commercialization team

Our commercialization team works in Research to Business project, working both in researching the applicability and effects of WELLS in working organizations as well as studying the routes for commercialization of WELLS as a service. 

Aino Muhonen

M.Sci.(Econ.&Bus.Admin), Business Development Lead

I lead the commercialization work of Wells Finland. Contact me in matters related to piloting and business development.

+358 50 4646 409

Viktoria Balla

Researcher, Wells R2B

Veera Lampinen

Researcher, Wells R2B

Petri Junttila

Business Development Manager, Helsinki Innovation Services


Sampsa Fabritius

Business Development Director, Helsinki Innovation Services

Tomi Männistö

Professor, Software Development

Topias Ukkola

Software Developer