HEP-TED project outcomes

HEP-TED enhances management, strengthens teacher education, and fosters collaboration between Rwandan and Finnish HEIs. Through quality assurance, competence-based curricula, and inclusive pedagogies, it drives sustainable development in education.

HEP-TED envisions three outcomes: enhanced management capacities within HEIs, improved teacher education quality, and strengthened cross-institutional collaboration. To achieve these goals, the project supports the development of internal quality assurance mechanisms, training educators in competence-based curricula and inclusive pedagogies, as well as fostering collaboration among Rwandan and Finnish HEIs.

Highlighting the transformative vision of the HEP-TED project, the following impact statement underscores the collaborative efforts between Rwandan and Finnish higher education institutions towards sustainable societal development through quality teacher education for both general education and TVET.

Rwandan and Finnish higher education institutions collaborate and contribute to sustainable development of the society through quality teacher education for general education and TVET.

HEP-TED impact statement

Activities include curriculum renewal, pedagogical training to enhance competence-based approaches, digital learning, learning design, gender-sensitive, and disability-inclusive pedagogies. Cross-institutional learning opportunities are created through joint project management, mutual visits and trainings. 

The following overview illustrates the structure of HEP-TED’s project outcomes with the associated outputs.