Strengthened capacities for cross-institutional collaboration

HEP-TED’s third outcome focuses on strengthening capacities for cross-institutional collaboration for continuous learning and pedagogical development.

The third outcome, ‘strengthening capacities for cross-institutional collaboration,’ is built in this project on the premise that improving management capacities and the quality of teacher education is an ongoing process that can benefit greatly from collaboration and exchange between higher education institutions in their efforts to create contextualised theory-practice connections, while tapping from their diverse range of expertise and experience. In both the design and implementation phases, the project adopts a collaborative approach that emphasises joint activities among diverse institutions in Rwanda (University of Rwanda, Rwanda Polytechnic, Higher Education Council of Rwanda) and Finland (universities and universities of applied sciences). 

The project facilitates cross-institutional learning and sharing by drawing upon past and ongoing Finnish government-funded education capacity development projects in the region, some of which have been executed by the implementing partners of the HEP-TED project. The goal of strengthening capacities for cross-institutional collaboration is to foster innovation, create a dynamic learning environment, and promote the sharing of best practices beyond the project duration.

Focus of our activities

Diversified theory-practice connections in higher education through industrial engagement and school attachment

  • Benchmarking and staff exchange will provide insights to the development of practices for industrial engagement, school attachment and supervision. The forms, motives and targets of university-industry collaboration will be studied. 
  • Mobilities during the project focus on these topics to provide opportunities for professional exposure. 
  • Regional sharing of contextually relevant practices in school attachment (teaching practicum) is facilitated, especially with ongoing projects in Kenya through visits and joint training formats with the the University of Rwanda, College of Education.

Capacities for developing institutional partnerships for greater impact in education development

  • Activities include developing mechanisms for effective cross-institutional collaboration (implementing projects, conducting training, monitoring and evaluation, drawing an exit plan) and training for project coordinators, as well as administrators. 
  • Beyond the partnering institutions, the project facilitates liaising with teacher education programmes and projects in the region for building up partnerships for collaboration, mutual learning, and sharing.