The conferment of doctoral titles is a unique and wonderful way of celebrating completed degrees. The participation fees cover less than half of the actual costs of organising the conferment festivities, making the fees for the three-day celebrations reasonable. The University will support the conferment festivities with a considerable sum, in addition to which support is provided by donors.

All in all, the conferment festivities from 18 to 20 May include the solemn ceremonial conferment of degrees and the rector’s reception, two dinners, a conferment ball including a buffet dinner and a nocturnal procession, an excursion including a buffet lunch, as well as other organisational expenses, a conferment diploma and matricula, and a publication to be issued after the conferment ceremony.

Participation options and fees

Graduands usually attend the ceremony together with their spouse or another companion. For graduands attending the conferment festivities with a companion (avec), the fee is €550. In the case of couples who are both to be conferred a doctoral degree in the conferment ceremony, each pay the fee for individual graduands, €320. If the companion attends the conferment ball only in addition to the conferment act, but not the rest of the festivities, the fee is €470.

You can also take part in the conferment ceremony without a companion. For graduands attending the conferment festivities on their own, the fee is €320.

It is possible for graduands to participate in the ceremonial conferment of degrees and the preceding rehearsal only, in which case the participation fee is €100 (with or without a companion). It is also possible to participate in absentia. Such participants will have their details included in the conferment ceremony booklet and receive the right to bear the insignia of their doctoral degree. The conferment fee is €100 for those participating in absentia.

To recap, the participation fees for graduands are as follows:
  • Whole conferment with a companion (avec), €550
  • Whole conferment, but the companion attends only the act and the ball, €470
  • Whole conferment without a companion (solo), €320
  • Only the act and the act rehearsal, €100
  • Conferment as absent (absens), €100

Please note that in addition to the participation fee, costs will be incurred in the procurement of attire that meets the precise dress code of the conferment festivities, as well as the doctoral hat and sword.

Previously conferred doctors and docents

Doctors conferred in one of the previous conferment ceremonies of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and docents of the faculty can attend the conferment act and the ball with or without a companion. The conferment act is free of charge; however, registrations is required. Participation fee for the ball is €150 per person.

The personally invited guests, such as the university management and professors of the faculty, will get an invitation with registration instruction via email.