The conferment ceremony is open to all doctoral graduates (in both veterinary medicine and philosophy) of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to whom the Faculty has awarded their degree before 19 May 2023, the day of the conferment act.

Registration for the conferment ceremony takes place through these pages. Registration opens in February, and the last registration date is Monday, 27 March.
Important dates for all graduating spring 2023

The entire process of the approval of a doctoral thesis takes roughly six months.

The last Faculty Council meeting that makes prospective participants eligible for the conferment ceremony will be held on 25 April 2023.

The deadline for submitting material for this Faculty Council meeting is 11 April 2023. The material must contain statements by the opponent and the grading committee, which means that the public examination must be held before 11 April and that the statements must be submitted in good time.

If you have any questions about the graduation process or schedule, please reach out to doctoral student services in Viikki as soon as possible by emailing

Can I come as a guest to the Conferment?

The Conferment Ceremony isn’t open to all. In general, other guests than the graduands are invited personally. However, doctors who have been conferred in one of the conferment ceremonies of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine earlier, are welcome to attend the conferment act and the ball. Also, docents of the faculty are welcome to these events. Friends and family of the graduands are welcome to the conferment act and we welcome the vast community of veterinary medicine in Finland to the conferment act, too. Registration for all the events must be made through these pages. All guests are required to comply with the strict dress code of the event.