Registration and fees

As a rule, registration for Open University courses opens 45 days before the beginning of the course or study module. Certain courses and modules allow registration flexibly also after they have begun, making it possible to begin studies according to individual schedules. The exact registration period and procedure is always described in the study programme. Please read the registration and payment terms first, as registration is binding.

Always check the exact registration period and procedure from the study programme.

As a rule, registration is completed online by clicking the Register button in the study programme.

Exceptional registration procedures may apply to

  • Teaching organised with partner institutions (the partner institution provides registration instructions)
  • MOOCs
  • Courses organised as collaborative teaching with University of Helsinki degree programmes.

Any exceptions to registration procedures are always stated in the study programme of the course under ‘Registration and fee’. Please follow these instructions.

The registration instructions below only pertain to registration completed through the study programme.

Online registration on the course page (=study programme)

Online registration requires online banking credentials and a Finnish personal identity number (if you do not meet these requirements, see below). The fee is payable upon registration. 

  • Select a study programme from among the studies available.
  • Begin the registration process by clicking on the registration link in the study programme.
  • Fill in the information on the registration form.
  • Confirm your registration by paying the study fee. You will be redirected to the service of Paytrail Oyj, which supports the most common online banks and credit cards.
  • After paying the fee, you will return to the registration system and can continue to register for other studies.
  • After registering, you can view your registration and payment information on My pages.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your new account in the web service and of your registration.

Register description of the University of Helsinki Open University customer register

Re­gis­tra­tion without a Finnish personal identity code or online banking ID at the Uni­versity’s Ad­mis­sions Services

1. Select the course for which you wish to register: Open University course catalogue
2. Make an appointment at Admissions Services or visit the Admissions Services’ drop-in desk at Kaisa House’s Guidance Corner. (Further information on making appointments and the Guidance Corner). 
3. Complete the registration form or check and supplement the information you have previously submitted.
4. Confirm your registration by paying the course fee.
5. You will receive an email confirming your registration.
6. Please allow at least 24 hours from registration to activate your University of Helsinki user account.

You will be granted a fixed-term right to complete the studies for which you register. The right to study will be valid as of the registration date. During your studies, you can check the validity of your study rights in WebOodi.

Please see the registration and payment terms.

You can cancel your registration for Open University classes in the My pages service or in writing to Admissions Services.

The cancellation terms of partner institutions may vary. Check the terms in the study programme or directly from the relevant institution.

You can resume discontinued studies by registering for courses which you have not completed. Most disciplines allow you to register for individual courses. Check the information about substituting studies in your discipline if its degree requirements have been amended since your previous studies.

As a rule, completed courses and modules are valid for ten years. If you completed your studies more than ten years ago, please contact the education specialist.

  • 15 euros per credit. NB! Study fees and cancellation terms vary at the Open University’s partner institutions.
  • The study fee entitles the student to attend the classes specified in the study programme and to take the associated examinations.
  • More information in the study programmes

Summer courses are free of charge for undergraduate students of the University of Helsinki who are enlisted as attending students at the moment of registration. This excludes a possible fee for study materials. Our course offerings include courses that are open to all and free of charge. Always check the fee from the study programme of the course.

The fees for any study material used in courses are indicated in the study programmes and must always be paid in conjunction with the study fee.

Examination questions in a language other than Finnish or Swedish: 75 euros per examination
The study fee includes examination questions in Finnish or Swedish. If the language of instruction is other than Finnish or Swedish, the fee includes examination questions in that language as well. Students must pay a fee to receive examination questions in another language.

Remote examination: If you wish to take an examination at the time and date specified in the study programme, but at another venue approved by the Open University, you must arrange the location, have it approved by the Open University, and pay all the expenses related to acquiring the facility for taking the examination.

Transfer examination: 75 euros per examination
Students can take examinations administered by other educational institutions at Open University examination sessions. Such examinations can be administered with the permission of the educational institution and examiner in question. Agree on arrangements for transfer examinations with the examination service.

The fees at the Open University are based on a government decree. The Open University’s Board has decided on the fees charged at the Open University (Appeals).

Decisions on charges made in accordance with section 6 of the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State can be appealed as provided in the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003).

Decisions made on appeals may be appealed against by registering a complaint with the Administrative Court as stipulated in the Administrative Judicial Procedure Act (586/1996). Decisions made by the Administrative Court are not subject to appeal.

Disputes concerning charges for other performances, as referred to in section 7 of the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State, are processed as disputes in a district court. (Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State 7 August 2015/951, section 11b)

Registration and payment terms

Printing, copying, scanning

Helsinki University Library has multifunction devices and online printers available to students. Information on their location and instructions for purchasing print credit are available on the Kaisa House Library website

Transcripts of studies

Completed studies are recorded in the Student Register (Oodi) of the University of Helsinki. Transcripts from the Student Register are official documents and serve as certificates of completed studies.
More information on certificates and study transcripts

The price of a transcript of studies:

  • 5 euros per transcript if collected from the Open University
  • 10 euros per transcript if mailed

Request a transcript