Aleksi Vuorinen receives the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation science prize

Professor of Theoretical Physics Aleksi Vuorinen from the University of Helsinki was presented the award (prize sum €20,000) by the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation for his successful research on the application of Quantum Chromodynamics to quark matter of finite density or temperature.

Professor Aleksi Vuorinen (born 1980) graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Helsinki at just under 24 years of age in 2004. He has built a very independent research profile and achieved an unquestionable position as a leading specialist in quark matter in Finland and in the international forefront of the field. Contributing to this has been his work at leading research institutes of the field in the United States, Austria, Switzerland and Germany in 2004–2013. In 2013, Vuorinen returned to Helsinki to work as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow. In 2017 he was appointed associate professor and in 2021 professor of theoretical physics.

Aleksi Vuorinen specialises in the application of Quantum Chromodynamics to finite density or temperature quark matter, and he has investigated, among other things, the possibility of discovering it in neutron stars. His research is linked to cosmology and astronomy through the phase transitions of the early universe and compact star physics. Vuorinen is also interested in applying the field-theoretic methods he employs in other areas of physics, such as nuclear physics, the physics of dense matter and the phenomenology of standard-model extensions in particle physics.

Grants and prizes awarded by the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters in 2022

On 30 April 2022, the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters awarded, in addition to the Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation prize, other science prizes and three teacher prizes for 2022.

The State Councillor Lorenz Lindelöf Prize for scientific work in mathematics (prize sum €10,000) was awarded to Professor of Mathematics Tuomas Hytönen from the University of Helsinki, who is one of the best known scholars of harmonic analysis of his generation globally, for his research on singular integrals in weighted spaces.