Finnish Quantum Agenda details road ahead and stresses need for national quantum strategy

What are Finland’s strengths in quantum technology? How can Finland ensure it stays on top of the groundbreaking changes quantum technology will cause in the coming years and decades? These are the questions the Finnish Quantum Agenda answers.

The Finnish Quantum Agenda has been prepared by experts of quantum science and technology from various Finnish universities, research organisations, and companies. The 30-page document details what kind of steps need to be taken to secure the right people and the right facilities for quantum technology – the two things experts consider the main components of success, both now and in the long term.

– The Finnish quantum ecosystem is made up of universities, research organisations, and companies – all building new quantum solutions. It also includes the eventual end-users of our innovations and funding agencies. This ecosystem has the potential to be one of the major international players in quantum technology. With the Agenda, we wanted to lay out our vision of how to best achieve that goal, says Jukka Pekola, professor at Aalto University and director of InstituteQ, a community of quantum experts coordinated by Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, and VTT.

– Quantum technologies are here to stay and they hold the promise to disrupt our society in an unprecedented way. However, the growth and expansion of the quantum ecosystem requires both expert-informed directions and the commitment of the government to develop a strategic national agenda. Failing to do so means that Finland will be left behind. We need to ensure that education, research, and innovation are equally supported, and within innovation, it is imperative to recognise the importance of software & applications, alongside hardware and enabling technologies, says Sabrina Maniscalco, professor of quantum information and logic at the Faculty of Science.

Bracing for quantum changes in a range of domains

According to the Agenda, Finland is currently punching above its weight in the quality of quantum research. Further development in this area requires investing more into research and innovation, research infrastructures, and education. Other key steps include regulatory changes and enhancing international co-operation.

And the agenda stresses that the right time to act is now. Quantum technologies are developing at an accelerating speed and becoming more widely available for commercial use. Moreover, the field has a geopolitical and security-related dimension that is becoming increasingly relevant. The agenda suggests that a rapid preparation and implementation of a national strategy is necessary.

The Finnish Quantum Agenda is available on the InstituteQ website.

The Finnish Quantum Agenda was written by a working group of Finnish quantum experts, with professor Heikki Mannila of Aalto University as chair. InstituteQ coordinated the preparation of the Agenda.