Learn quantum optics in an interactive virtual quantum optics lab - Quantum optics treasure hunt The Photonic Trail at Otaniemi

The Photonic Trail interactive virtual laboratory game is open April 11 until May 2nd at Otaniemen lukio. The treasure hunt game instillates quantum optics concepts through game play to anyone from beginners to seasoned pros.

The Photonic Trail is an immersive single-player game that allows players to learn quantum optics in a fun way. Players hunt for treasure with 6 missions covering the basics of quantum optics. It is a combination of physics, fantasy storytelling and art.

Quantum optics is the field of how light quanta, called photons, interact with atoms and molecules. This game introduces the basics concepts in a playful way, without delving into the mathematical formalism, but at the same time maintaining a high level of accuracy in the explanations.

The Photonic Trail has been conceived by QPlayLearn, in collaboration with Quantum Flytrap that provided the virtual lab game. The exhibition is in English, so it's suitable for secondary school students and older primary school students.

Become a Master of Light by completing quantum exercises

In a world of mischievous fairies, ghost ships and rumbly dwarves we will learn about photons, laser light, qubits, quantum superposition, and quantum entanglement.

We find ourselves immersed in the Enchantic Realm, where our goal is to seek the Hilbert Spade, an ancient, magical artefact that kingdoms once warred over before it was hidden away. They say the person who wields the Hilbert Spade can travel anywhere in spacetime by simply digging a small hole in the ground. They also say that only a Master of Light is worthy enough to attain this treasure.

In order to become such a Master we much traverse the ancient Photonic Trail, overcoming any obstacles in our way. The challenges come in the form of six missions, and to accomplish them we must conduct experiments in a virtual laboratory of quantum optics.

Each successful mission takes you one step closer to becoming a Master of Light, one step closer to finding and wielding the Hilbert Spade.


Artist: Sibel Kantola

Concept and Stories: Radha Pyari Sandhir

Development & Production: Caterina Foti, Rosario Maniscalco, Sabrina Maniscalco and the QPlayLearn team.

The exhibition is sponsored by Aalto University and University of Helsinki, both part of InstituteQ, with support from Algorithmiq Oy.