ERC Starting Grants to four researchers at the University of Helsinki

Four researchers from the University of Helsinki have received the European Research Council’s (ERC) Starting Grant.

The new ERC grantees at the University of Helsinki are University Researcher Enrico Di Minin (Faculty of Science), Postdoctoral Researcher Kaius Sinnemäki (Faculty of Arts), Academy Research Fellow Teppo Särkämö (Faculty of Medicine) and Academy Research Fellow Merja Voutilainen (Helsinki Institute for Life Sciences HiLIFE).

The European Research Council funds high-standard basic research in all fields of scholarship. ERC funding is very competitive, vied for by the best researchers in Europe. The University of Helsinki has been successful in its applications for grants from the European Research Council. In all, the University of Helsinki has now won over 70 ERC projects.

ERC grants are allocated to three different groups: Starting Grants for promising young doctoral degree holders with 2-7 years of postdoctoral research experience, Consolidator Grants for researchers with 7-12 years of experience, and Advanced Grants for established top researchers in their field. In addition, ERC grant recipients may apply for separate funding to identify and commercialise the innovation potential of their research. The University of Helsinki has received ERC funding in all three categories, and some of its researchers have received more than one ERC grant.

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