Join the open Think Corner event series to find out more about research on the brain, genes and women's health

How do genes and biological sex affect health? What should we know about the brain? And what information do all of us need about the menopause? Welcome to the University of Helsinki Think Corner, where you can learn about the latest research on health.

Terveys nyt (information in Finnish) is a series of three events organised at Think Corner to present recent research on health and medicine. The focus is on new information on brain function, women’s health and the effect of genes on health. The series will conclude with what is expected to be a popular family workshop entitled Päiväni lääkärinä (‘My Day as a Doctor’).

The events will feature talks by health specialists from the University of Helsinki and elsewhere. Join us to find out about the latest health research.

Focus on women’s health on 9 April, 17.00–19.00: Research knowledge on childbirth and the menopause

Why is Finland one of the world’s safest countries in which to give birth? What should all of us know about the menopause? A person’s biological sex affects their health and medical treatment in many ways. What did a health survey of thousands of Finnish women reveal? 

Come to Think Corner on Tuesday, 9 April, from 17.00 to 19.00 to learn more about the latest research findings on women’s health. The programme will include three interviews conducted by Satu Sirkiä.


How does a person’s biological sex affect their health? Academy Research Fellow Taru Tukiainen (University of Helsinki) and Clinical Instructor, Specialist Kaisu Luiro-Helve (University of Helsinki and HUS Helsinki University Hospital) 

What is childbirth like in Finland? Midwife, Researcher Mikko Tarvonen (HUS Helsinki University Hospital) 

What should all of us know about the menopause? Docent, Chief Physician Hanna Savolainen-Peltonen (University of Helsinki and HUS Helsinki University Hospital)

Event details, live stream and recording (in Finnish) 

What can genes tell us about health? 11 April, 17.00–18.30

People respond differently to the same drug or diet. How can rapidly accumulating genetic data help in personalising the prevention and treatment of diseases? Many of us have taken DNA tests or submitted samples to a biobank. How can genetic data be used in healthcare? 

Come to Think Corner on Thursday, 11 April, 17.00–18.30, to discover the future of precision medicine.

Senior Researcher Nina Mars, Professor of Pharmacogenetics Mikko Niemi and University Lecturer Tiina Jääskeläinen of the University of Helsinki will discuss the effects of genes on health. The host is Rosa Kettumäki

Event details, live stream and recording (in Finnish)

Understand your brain, 17 April, 17.00–19.00

Why do we sometimes forget things? How can we look after our brain? Why do we see ghosts and believe in conspiracies? Why don’t adults learn foreign languages as effortlessly as children? 

University of Helsinki researchers will help you understand your brain at Think Corner on Wednesday, 17 April, from 17.00 to 19.00. The programme will include three interviews conducted by Jari Hanska.


How does our memory work and what can we do to make it work better? Senior University Lecturer Sanna Koskinen 

What do we know about language learning? Professor of Cognitive Science Riikka Möttönen 

Why does the brain believe in strange things? University Researcher Jukka Häkkinen

Event details, live stream and recording (in Finnish)

Workshop event ‘My Day as a Doctor’, 23 April, 16.00–19.00

Find out more about the work of doctors, take a peek inside the brain or bring your soft toy in for a health exam.

A family workshop at Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4) on Tuesday, 23 April, from 16.00 to 19.00 gives you the opportunity to study mosquitoes and ticks with the help of a microscope, make your own DNA bracelet, and experiment with researchers and science instructors on how research is done. 

Experimental stations are open at the venue throughout the event. Workshop details (in Finnish) 

The event is a collaboration between Think Corner and the University of Helsinki’s academic outreach network.

Explore the Brain Repair exhibition

The BRAIN✓REPAIR research group investigates new mechanisms in neurodegeneration and brain repair. The group’s objective is to find new biomarkers and drug targets to develop disease-modifying therapies for stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

The visualisations displayed at Think Corner offer a unique glimpse into the group’s research and the functions of the brain. Come and explore the wonders of the brain.

Read more on the Think Corner website. 

All the Terveys nyt events are open to the public at Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki) and via a live stream available online. Video recordings of the events, apart from the workshop, will be published afterwards on Think Corner’s YouTube channel and as podcasts through common platforms.

The organiser is the University of Helsinki.