”Experiencing the alumni community has been empowering”

For Kaisa Pääskyharju, whose work entails business development, the University’s alumni community is a home base where she can discuss and develop herself together with a range of people.

Kaisa Pääskyharju joined the alumni community of the University of Helsinki already during her studies. From the start, getting involved was a given.

– I think it’s important that I’ve graduated from the University of Helsinki, and what I’ve gained from it, says Pääskyharju, who graduated with a master's degree in education in 2019.

Even after the transition to professional life, the alumni community still feels like a place where she belongs.

– The best thing about being an alum is the sense of community. I’m happy to be part of a community where research-based knowledge is valued, says Pääskyharju, whose duties in the field of commerce focus on the development of a learning and leadership culture.

– Through alumni activities, I’ve familiarised myself not only with people important to my professional life, but also with people who have become my friends. It’s enormously empowering to have a community that gives you something and to which you yourself can contribute.

Supportive tools

Being an alum has provided Kaisa Pääskyharju with tools that always suit her personal circumstances or work-related needs.

– There is a great deal of interesting content available to the alumni of the University of Helsinki, including various thematic days and lectures. And they are free of charge, to boot. Since many training offerings cost money, I think this is a great benefit, Pääskyharju says.

Pääskyharju herself has positive experiences, for example, of the operations of the Think & Lead network, which shares experiences and lessons related to management and leadership.

– It’s an enormously important place, as you get the chance to talk to various organisations and experts in different fields, gaining advice and tips. I think these events are an extremely good example of how the University can provide a platform for graduates.

Considering the direction of her career, Pääskyharju attended a Think Forward workshop for career design.

–  As a generalist, I have a variety of skills and interests. I had already been working for a while, but felt like finding a clearer path still. It can be difficult to think about it on your own.

Have you studied at the University of Helsinki?

As a member of the University of Helsinki alumni network you get valuable support, knowledge and contacts for your working life. You may share your competence with others and learn more about interesting topics. Or you may, for instance, start mentoring a fresh graduate. Here you can read more about the benefits of the alumni community and join for free.