Think & Lead – a leadership network for alumni
Think & Lead is a programme that will help you move ahead in your career, from that of an expert to a leadership position, or to improve your leadership skills. In the programme, you will be able to share your experiences, learn and get support from other alumni. You can find new perspectives on leadership from academic research, the business world and representatives of the third sector.
Coming events
March 1: Think & Lead - Building your personal career path and role of servant leadership

Time: 1.3.2023 at 5.00 - 6.30 pm (EET)
Place: In person, Kaisa room (Kaisa library 7th floor), Helsinki 

How to build a career that looks like you? And what are the most important characteristics of servant leadership?

Have you graduated max. 5 years ago? Are you a current PhD student at the University of Helsinki or studying in one of the following Master’s Programmes?

  • Intercultural Encounters
  • Global Politics and Communication
  • Urban Studies and Planning
  • Contemporary Societies
  • Changing Education

If you answered yes at least in one of the questions above and the topic of the evening and networking intrests you, you are exactly who we are looking for!

As part of our Helsinki Alumni Think & Lead leadership network activities we are arranging an English speaking event targeted for students and alumni noted above. We have our alumna Maija Eklöf as our inspirational speaker in this evening event. She will inspire us to discuss about finding own career path and how to make your talent shine. We also touch the topic of servant leadership during the evening. She has MSocSc (Communication) background and has a versatile international work background.

Past events

1 December 2022 Sufficiently good career?

How do you draw boundaries to work? How do you recognise good enough in your own work? How do you avoid fatigue and maintain your own endurance?

The alumna (MSocSc), information writer and working life coach, former creative director and communications consultant Aurora Airaskorpi served as an inspirational speaker for this morning's discussion.

21 September 2022 Hybrid threats

In this Think & Lead morning we were able to hear perspectives about hybrid threats and their impact on society and various actors. We discussed how to take into account the topics in your own operating environment and workplaces. What is the role of management and what does proper preparedness and resilience require?

As an inspirational speaker for the morning was alumnus (MSocSc) Markus Kokko, who is a communications leader at the European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE).

17May 2022 A Humanly sustainable organisational culture

In the Think & Lead morning, we discussed what is the humane sustainability of the organisation and how it can be built. Kaisa Muilu, an alumna of the UH, led us to discuss on this interesting topic.

9 March 2022 Management of multidisciplinary activities and boosting team creativity

In the leadership morning, we were able to discuss, under the leadership of our alumnus Jarno Koponen (YLE), what it takes to manage multidisciplinary activities and how to inspire teams into creativity.

18 November 2021 Leading diversity - its role in staff development and recruitment: case KONE

In our morning event Helsinki Alumni member Kaija Bridger, Head of Talent and Culture of KONE leads us to discuss about leading diversity with the inspiration of case KONE. We are focusing especially on staff development and recruitment. What does diversity leadership mean from these perspectives and what kind of role it has e.g. related to job satisfaction?

23 September 2021 Coaching as a tool for a team leader

In our morning evet, alumnus and certified business coach Roberto D'Abrosca inspired us to discuss about coaching leadership. How coaching can help to create efficient working environment and support your success in a leading position.

3 March 2021 Service Design as a tool for the leader

What kind of role Service Design have for current leadership and organizations? How can Service Design support organization development? Introduction and inspiration for this topic was given by our alumnus Jesse Maula (Avidly).

26 November 2020 Leadership and its meaning at the time of crisis

What are central characteristics of leadership at the time of crisis? What kind of characteristics and skills does a leader need in this situation? Discussion will be activated by our alumni Miira Heinio (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health) and Asko Sartanen (Eastern Uusimaa Police Department.

30 September 2020 Self-directedness and occupational wellbeing

What kinds of expectations do the various parties on the employment market have regarding self-directedness? What is its impact on occupational wellbeing? We will discuss these topics with our alumni Miia Savaspuro (Miltton Sparks) and Hannakaisa Länsisalmi (OP bank).

19 February 2020 Millennials at work

We talked about finding and experiencing meaning at work as well as taking diversity among employees into account in strategic operations. The topics were introduced by Helsinki Alumni member Franz Mittler, who has supported the strategic development in several companies, and Future Fellow Krista Laitila from the University of Helsinki’s student influencer programme. The event was held in Finnish.

11 December 2019 Leading diverse and multicultural teams

Introductory talks on the topic of multicultural workplaces were given by alumni Malin Gustavsson (Ekvalita, CEO, Gender equality and diversity expert) and Kirsti Kujanpää (Vice President, Peacekeepers Association Finland).

18 September 2019 Sustainable leadership

We talked about how we can take steps toward sustainability in our work and professional communities. The topic was introduced by alumna Katja Atsar, head of coaching and training at Ilmarinen. The event was held in Finnish.

16 May 2019 Global career skills

The workshop was organised in cooperation with dLearn.

16 April 2019 Trust and interaction in leadership

The introductory talk was given by Helsinki Alumni member Riitta Hyppänen.

26 February 2019 Artificial intelligence and leadership

Following the theme of Alumni Day 2020, the discussion focussed on the significance of artificial intelligence for leadership. Participants included Tero Ojanperä, CEO of the artificial intelligence company and former CTO and Executive Vice President of services at Nokia, along with Academy Research Fellow Arto Klami, who is an assistant professor at the University of Helsinki

3 October 2018 Leadership in a digital age

At this event, we focused on the demands placed upon leaders by our current digital age and the ways leadership has changed. We were joined by alumni Pirkko Aminoff (entrepreneur, founder of Mind Avenue Oy) and Krista Pahkin (director, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health).