Innovation and entrepreneurship education

Education related to innovation and entrepreneurship is currently under development in Meilahti. Helsinki Think Company also offers support for the first steps of the entrepreneurial journey, such as hackathons and workshops.
TMED-602 BioMed Business

The BioMed Business online course, 3 credits, is open to students of the Master’s Programmes in Translational Medicine and Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Safety, as well as other master’s students from Faculty of Pharmacy. The course covers the backbone of basic business elements (product, marketing, IPR, sales & finance).

TMED-601 HealthTech Innovations

The HealthTech Innovations online course, 10 credits, is open to students of the Master’s Programmes in Translational Medicine, providing them a deep-dive into the HealthTech industry.

SPARK Finland courses and workshops

Lectures and workshops are open for anyone interested in how to develop a new solution in health tech and life science space, and how to exploit the commercial value that it creates. Students can get also graduate and post-graduate level credits for their studies.

For instance, the Health Technology and Life Science R&D (5 ECTS) course is organized in Tampere University by SPARK Finland, but it is also open to University of Helsinki students.


Anyone can participate in the workshops of the HELSEED program aimed at students, researchers and startups. The workshops are organized by Helsinki Think Company.


The first psychology-themed challenge in Finland, inviting people to develop concrete solutions to the most current problems recognised on both individual and community levels of our society. This program took place during March 2023 in Finnish.