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For those shaking up the societal status quo, TREMOR is the place to cause shockwaves by taking well-defined solutions and work on turning them into entrepreneurial reality with support & mentoring tailored to their change-making needs.

The application period for the 2nd batch is now closed. The programme will run from 23 August, 2023, to 27 March, 2024.

Even the most modest of solutions can have a seismic effect on their surroundings. When turned into reality, they have the potential to disrupt existing inadequate structures, and help create more diverse, equal, inclusive and empathetic communities, big and small.

The City Centre-based TREMOR is an ambitious six-month incubator programme for those shaking up the societal status quo to bring their well-defined business idea and turn it into a sustainable & social entrepreneurial project.

We want to make sure that you'll have the best chances of creating real impact with your solution, so if selected, your team will benefit from over half a year of dedicated, tailored support & mentoring specifically geared towards sustainable & socially minded entrepreneurs and their needs. We'll work hard to empower and embolden you, and provide you with what you'll need to succeed.

Through lectures, workshops, and other events, our team, hand-picked mentors, and subject-matter experts will provide you with the toolkit, knowledge, and contacts to grow your career and take your solution & turn it into a successful enterprise. We'll also try to get you to meet as many potential partners, clients, and investors as possible during the programme to guarantee that you end up creating the most relevant and impactful product or service you can and make the necessary connections to bring it to the world. 

Our hope is that by the end of the 6 months of TREMOR, you'll be ready to register your company, unveil your solution, apply for funding, or get in talks with investors, and carry onwards on your change-making journey in whatever way feels most relevant to you and your team, be it joining a hub like Maria01 or seeking further support from places like Business Helsinki.

TREMOR is proudly powered by the City of Helsinki.

Programme Schedule

TREMOR will be held at various locations at the University of Helsinki's City Centre campus from 23 August, 2023 to 27 March, 2024. The programme will be both in-person and in English.

The programme will start with matchmaking between participants and mentors to make sure that the right people are collaborating. Then, over the course of the following months the programme's weekly Wednesday sessions will alternate every week between workshops covering entrepreneurial skills & participants working with their mentors, and sessions for co-working & addressing subjects which emerge from the needs of participants and observations of mentors.

The sessions on entrepreneurial skills will cover subjects such as Design thinking, Lean Canvas, Sales, Marketing, Financial management, Intellectual property rights, Legal advice, Prototyping, Pitching, Funding tools, and more. The exact subjects, dates, and visiting experts of the sessions will be filled in at a later date.

The sessions for co-working will be a great place for participants to spar with each other and help each other grow in a mutually beneficial and supportive environment. The co-working sessions will always be started with a reflective dialogue sessions to help support this.

A more in-depth summary of the 2023-2024 programme's schedule will be published soon. In the meanwhile, you can take a look at the 2022-2023 programme's schedule at the link below for reference.


Applications for the 2023-2024 programme are now closed, but feel free to send us an open application below, and we'll be in touch regarding future programmes!

TREMOR is open to applications from teams and individuals with a well-defined societally impactful idea and solution they'd like to turn into a business. Applicants and teams can be University of Helsinki students, researchers, staff, or alumni, and/or enthusiastic and ambitious change-makers from the broader Helsinki Metropolitan Area. What matters to us isn't your affiliation, but the quality of your idea and your dedication to creating a better society.

We kindly ask you to remember prior to applying that we expect commitment from your team to the programme, and that in-person attendance at our weekly sessions will be required. As such, we sadly cannot accept applications from teams not based in Finland.

To apply, please fill in the form at the link below. We will review each application individually as they come in, and invite those teams who meet our criteria for an initial interview. During this interview, we will ask you the following:

  • Pitch your idea in 3 minutes (NABC model preferred)
  • Explain your business plan using your filled-in lean canvas
  • Explain which SDG's you're tackling with your idea
  • Introduce your team and its competences, or reflect on what kind of know-how you are lacking from your team
  • Prepare to explain your expectations and learning goals for the 6-month programme and how you are going to achieve them
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