2022-2023 Participating Teams

Below, you'll find a list of the 17 participant teams in the 2022-2023 TREMOR programme.
1. Academy of Interaction

Member: Rosa Korpela

Did you know that over 30 000 elementary school students face psychological or physiological violence on a weekly basis in Finland in the form of bullying? As bullying is fundamentally interaction, the team wants to help build safer school environments for children by offering teachers training on how to mediate peer conflicts before they have a chance to devolve into violence or bullying.

2. JUSTICE 4.0

Members: Frederick Kyle, Natasha de Koker

The traditional court process is, as it stands, an inefficient and costly behemoth which does not serve the public appropriately, especially when it comes to small claims matters. JUSTICE 4.0 is seeking to become the digital gateway to online court services by offering a digital solution that runs parallel to the traditional system. They solution would provide society with a user-friendly, rapid, and efficient way to resolve small claims disputes.

JUSTICE 4.0 was a participant in the 2022 SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator.

3. Sapiens LAB

Members: Neha Joshi Thapliyal, Ashish Thapliyal

With unconscious cognitive biases, bounded rationality, and intention-action gaps, people and their choices are often irrational, which can often lead to societally detrimental outcomes. However, research shows that when behavioural science is introduced into the mix, certain small changes can be made to help address these irrationalities. For example, including information about how our neighbours consume less energy than us in our electricity bills has been shown to lead to reduced consumption. Similarly, by changing the organ donation system from an opt-in system to an opt-out system leads to drastically higher rates of organ donators. Globally, many governments and organisations have their own behavioural research units or employ independent consultancies to help them shape their policies to be more beneficial. Yet currently, no such consultancy exists in Finland. The team wants to address this market gap by founding their own firm and help create more behaviourally informed policies which help create a better society.


Members: Petri Wilska, Johannes Stenberg

Understanding the effect of one’s actions can help inform future actions and create positive feedback loops. Yet when it comes to impact, be it social or other, doing so has proven to be difficult. The team wishes to create a digital platform which makes measuring, analysing, and reporting impact easier, allowing for investors, institutional asset managers, corporates, pension providers, and governments to be better informed and act in ways that help create a more sustainable society.

YMPAKTI was a participant in the 2022 SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator.

5. Super Eclectic

Members: Agnieszka Pokrywka, Humberto Duque

To fully deliver on their promise of doing good in their communities, socially engaged initiatives like NGO’s, cultural institutions, associations, and others need to be able to stand out and connect & communicate with the world. Yet many of these amazing organisations lack the tools and ability to do so and are underserved by existing service providers who do not understand their specialised needs & ideals. The results they deliver are bland and conventional, maintaining the disconnect instead of addressing it. Super Eclectic believes that diversity and creativity is the key to connection-making. By using multimedia, including digital design, podcasts, films, and experiences, they find connections among different disciplines to help build bridges between ideas and people. Through the new perspectives Super Eclectic brings, the activities of their clients find the world, creating bridges between different areas of knowledge & society and bring about new perspectives to build a better future.

6. My Inner Monologue

Member: Margo Roi, George Bukhanov, Jonas Pennetier, Anita Novitsky

Mental health problems are on the rise, and nearly half of the world’s population has, at one time or another, suffered from anxiety and/or depression. Luckily, Millennials and Gen Z are being more proactive in addressing these issues, yet still, from the first signs of an issue to the end of the healing process, an average of 11 years may pass. This is partly due to the early phases of the healing process being messy and confusing. Plenty of free resources exist to support those in the first stages of recognising they’ve got a problem and finding help, but they are often difficult to find and remain both underutilised and undermarketed. My Inner Monologue wants to address this by offering an online platform to give fast access to these free specialised emotional support resources and help people reduce the time it takes to initiate their healing process.

7. SISUCollab

Members: Meredith Sanna, Opeyemi Olatoye

As spatial inequalities continue to grow, the imbalance between urban centres and small towns has broader environmental, social, and economic impacts on society.  SISUCollab seeks to address this imbalance by facilitating relevant multi-stakeholder engagements and providing technical advisory support to enable climate resilient solutions and increase socio-economic opportunities to build sustainable communities.

SISUCollab was a participant in the 2022 SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator.


Members: Timo Laiho, Joel Laiho, Helena Kojola

Based on the new musical theory developed by Timo Laiho in his doctoral research at the University of Helsinki, COMPOSIA aims to be the first in the market to provide musicians and composers with a computer program which considers music in relation to auditory musical experience. The software will provide its users with a ground-breaking tool which, by allowing them to freely manipulate musical intensity & find the best relations between pitches and durations, will allow them to create intriguing compositions and even change how music making is conceptualised.

9. Seurasauna

Members: Katja Ojala, Anna Talasniemi

For Finns, the sauna is a ubiquitous object of national pride, with one sauna for roughly every 2 Finns. Indeed, sauna culture in Finland is so important that UNESCO has recognised it as part of humanity’s cultural heritage. Yet as it stands, the full potential of the Finnish sauna remains untapped, with issues of accessibility, equity, and ecological sustainability still holding it back. Seurasauna aims to build a new public sauna in Helsinki and through its activities help rethink Finnish sauna culture and develop it to be a more inclusive space for all.

Seurasauna was a participant in the 2022 SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator.


Members: Jenny Law, Lotta Uusitalo

Motherhood is an intense and at times challenging experience, leading to some mothers with small children experiencing mental health problems. In many cases these mothers will find help from their immediate surroundings. But for some, such help is hard to come by, and may come with stigma and shame. HELLO THERE wants to be a safe platform for these mothers who would normally fall through the cracks, offering them support from other experienced mothers as and when they need it. With HELLO THERE, the goal is for no mother to be left behind.

11. YEPP ry

Members: Christal Spel, Everest Obatitor, Ayisat Yusuf-Aromire

Young people of immigrant backgrounds experience a higher drop-out rate from education, a lower rate of participation in higher education & STEM, and often face demotivating hardships in their careers. YEPP Ry is working to change this by being a one-stop centre for immigrant parents to register their children aged 9 to 18 into a variety of meaningful activities intended to help them thrive. The association will offer one-to-one mentoring for children to inspire them to aspire for excellence & professionalism, and a variety of club activities in science, sports & wellbeing, art & creativity, and political & civic engagement designed to empower these youths to reach their full potential.

YEPP ry was a participant in the 2022 SÄRÖ/FRACTURE pre-incubator.

12. Publiqs

Members: Tijana Stolic, Katja Kahlina, Sonja Trifuljesko

Contemporary societies are facing many grand challenges including climate change, persisting inequalities, and crises of health and well-being. Technological innovations strive to offer the means for tackling these issues, but they often have unintended effects and limitations. The team's solution is to leverage insights from humanities and social science to support technological developments. The team consists of experienced researchers and critical thinkers who offer a thorough understanding of people and societies. Collectively drawing on decades of scientific expertise, they assist private and public sector organisations in creating and evaluating strategy, product and service solutions. Through analysis and training they help organisations to avoid pitfalls and see their visions come to life.

13. The Headporters Project

Members: Michael Mends, Samuel Osei Tutu, Nana Osei Tutu, Rhonda Klein, Asante Adarkwa, Bashiru Bukari

There are currently plenty of unaddressed market opportunities in Africa and the Nordics in the fields of technology, service, healthcare, education & skill acquisition, and cleantech & sustainable future industries. The Headporters Project, a social enterprise, aims to help create impact businesses in these areas by connecting the two markets & their resources. Their goal is to contribute to a more robust, sustainable, and resilient local communities where individuals can thrive and live a high quality of life, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

14. Team Mixed Methods

Member: Teemu Vauhkonen

Team Mixed Methods is working on creating a solution to help society better understand itself.

15. Inca Noir

Member: Elena Fadul, Lari Elovainio

Inca Noir is a lifestyle based in Helsinki working to challenge fast fashion and celebrate indigenous master artisans by co-creating accessories with them. By focusing on the design and production of exquisitely handcrafted objects made to order, Inca Noir is committed to preserving and showcasing the work of these craftspeople which act as repositories of ancestral knowledge and techniques. Each piece is one-of-a-kind object rich in symbolism and is produced with a keen eye for detail paired with natural & traceable materials and a harmonious aesthetic.

16. Health AI

Member: Lauri Lahti

Lauri Lahti's research at Aalto University develops artificial intelligence for interpreting health information. This aims to create personalized solutions to support decision making and open scientific research for everyone transparently and trustworthily. All people are welcome to the research collaboration.

17. Concrete Jungle Foundation

Members: Troy Björkman, Clément Taquet, Tim van Asdonck

The Concrete Jungle Foundation combines skateboarding and social programmes to drive holistic youth development for underprivileged communities globally. Currently active in Peru, Jamaica and Morocco, they co-construct skateparks with local stakeholders, operate them as youth centres and community hubs, and provide a broad suite of recreational, educational and professional development programmes for local at-risk youth.