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To solve the world’s biggest challenges, we need to bring the best international minds together. However many international students face additional barriers that limit their chances of success in Finland. With your support, we can break down the barriers international students face and help them to thrive during and after their time at university.
Help us to Attract, Support and Retain the best international minds in Finland

At the University of Helsinki, we are committed to being an international, multi-lingual university and since 2017 our innovative International Master’s Programmes, taught entirely in English, have allowed us to educate talented international students from all over the world.

Whilst we have made significant progress, we need your support to increase the internationalisation of the university, attract and retain the best international minds and help our international students to succeed in Finland.

Join our students and researchers in building a better world. With your support, today’s brightest international students will help create a fairer, more prosperous tomorrow – in Finland, in their home countries, and across the world.

Below you can find a variety of opportunities related to supporting international students. 

If you would like more information or have questions about how you can support international students at the University of Helsinki, please contact Adam Pratchett:


Our Global Scholarship Fund provides full tuition fee scholarships and study grants for the brightest international students from outside of the EU/EEA to study our International Master’s Programmes.

Since 2017, thanks to the generosity of our donors and the University of Helsinki's Funds, we have been able to award scholarships and study grants to international students, who have had a significant impact on our university community.

Your donation to the Global Scholarship Fund can make a life-changing difference to a student and will allow us to continue to attract and support the best international students to the university.

Read more about the Global Scholarship Fund.

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Mentor our Students

Our International Students want to work in Finland after they graduate, however they often lack professional networks in the Finnish workforce to help give them an edge in finding a job.

To solve this challenge, we have launched the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme (HITP), a group mentoring programme, which pairs international students with organisations and companies in Finland who provide mentoring and insight into their work.

Read more about all our mentoring opportunities for organisations and companies.

For individual alumni and friends of the university, we also have a group-mentoring programme to support international students. By volunteering your time to mentor international students, you can provide essential advice and insight into what it’s like to work in Finland and help a student on their journey to finding employment after graduation.

Read more about mentoring opportunities for individual alumni and friends of the university.


Recruit a Student Trainee

To remain competitive, Finland needs to attract and retain the best international talent to its workforce.

The University of Helsinki is educating the brightest young minds from around the world, however many international students struggle to find work in Finland after graduation.

A traineeship with an organisation is a fantastic mutually-beneficial opportunity, providing an international student with essential work experience and an organisation with new perspectives and expertise to support their activities.

Through our Traineeship Subsidy, organisations are also eligible to receive up to 1800 euros per student trainee to cover the costs associated to the traineeship.

Read more about traineeships for prospective organisations. 

Commission a Master’s Thesis

As a university, we work in close collaboration with business and society to help solve real world problems with innovative, practical solutions. Our students are one of our greatest resources.

As part of this mission, individuals and organisations can commission a Master’s Thesis about a specific topic or problem of your choice. These opportunities can be advertised on the JobTeaser website and students will contact you directly if they are interested in working on your chosen topic.  

Read more about opportunities to support a Master’s thesis.

In addition, to connect business and society with our students, we have created multidisciplinary “Co-Creation Labs” with specific themes, where Master’s students can write their thesis about topics or problems presented by participating organisations. For example our HELSUS Institute Co-Creation Lab focusses on sustainability, with previous topics including the Circular Economy. 

As an organisation, you can join one of our existing Co-Creation Labs or register your interest for participating in a new Co-Creation Lab with a different area of focus.

Read more about the Helsus Co-Creation Lab. 

Hire our Students

Finland needs to retain the best international talent in its workforce, however many international students struggle to find work in Finland after graduation.

We also know many companies are interested in hiring international talent, but don’t know how to reach them.

The JobTeaser portal brings together companies with our students and graduates who are looking for work. By creating a company profile and creating a job advert in English you can specifically target international students at the University of Helsinki and meet your talent needs.

Read more about hiring international students.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about how you can support our international students or if you have questions, our International Community Relations team is here to help.

Contact us and share your ideas. Together we’ll find the best way to move them forward.

If you are a prospective international student or you have questions about applying to study at the University of Helsinki, please contact our Admissions Services