FIMM Metabolomics Unit

FIMM Metabolomics/Lipidomics/Fluxomics Unit, a core service facility, is one of the Biocentre Finland funded national infrastructure networks, and also HiLIFE supported RI. Our technology platform offers services to researchers in many diverse scientific fields. Our core facility provides high-throughput mass spectrometry based targeted quantitative and global metabolomics/lipidomics and fluxomics services to basic, biomedical, preclinical and clinical researchers. We can analyse hundreds of metabolites and 1000 lipids from many different biological classes in various types of samples (biofluids, dried blood spots, cells, extracellular vesicles, cell organelle isolates, tissues, stool, biofilm, dental carries etc) from humans, animal models (mouse, rat, dog etc), C.elegans, drosophila, bacteria and yeast etc.

Viikki Metabolomics Unit

The Viikki Metabolomics Unit is focused on plant metabolomics. The unit offers both targeted and non-targeted analysis using UPLC-PDA-QTOF/MS, UPLC-QTRAP/MS and GC-QQQ/MS techniques. Additionally the unit offers analytical services for microbial, algal and cyanobacterial applications and pharmacokinetics and novel drug development.

Helsinki University Lipidomics Unit

Helsinki University Lipidomics Unit (HiLIPID) is specialized in compositional analyses of lipids, fatty acids and lipid mediators in animal and human tissues, cells and fluids. We are experienced in metabolic studies utilizing labeled precursors. We serve customers from the fields of environmental, ecological, basic biosciences, veterinarian and biomedical research. The services are tailored according to the needs of the customer and vary from supported equipment rental to full analytical service (including sample preparation, mass spectrometric or gas chromatographic analysis, and multivariate statistics).