FIMM Meta offers high-throughput global, targeted and quantitative metabolomics, lipidomics; and fluxomics services to basic, biomedical, and (pre)-clinical researchers. More than four hundred metabolites and 1000 lipids from many different biological classes can be analysed in various types of samples from human, animal models, C. elegans, drosophila, yeast etc.

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ViMU provides MS-based analytical services mainly for plant research community and pharmacy. Focus of the unit has been on both non-targeted metabolite profiling and targeted, quantitative analysis. One of the most important aspects is the discovery of novel secondary metabolites/signaling molecules from various plant species, microbes and fungi.

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HiLIPID offers analytical services for lipids, fatty acids and their derivatives in animal and human tissues, cells and fluids for mechanistic biomedical and ecological research. HiLIPID provides novel methodology to study lipid metabolism based on the use of labeled precursors, which brings an additional, highly informative dimension to lipidomics.

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