Viikki Metabolomics Unit (ViMU)

Welcome to Viikki Metabolomics Unit (ViMU) – Research Infrastructure of HiLIFE – Helsinki Institute of Life Science.

ViMU is focused on MS-based metabolomics, and the expertise lies in plant and pharma metabolomics. Additionally, unit offers analytical services for microbial applications, for pharmacokinetics and novel drug development as well as tRNA modification analysis. The unit offers both targeted and non-targeted analysis: UPLC-PDA-QTOF/MS, UPLC-QTRAP/MS and GC-QQQ/MS.

The laboratory is located at Viikki Campus. It is part of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme (OEB) of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Science. 

ViMU offers analytical services (subject to charge) for national and international academic research groups, but also companies.

  • Full analytical service from sample preparation to RAW-data
  • Sample prices include: sample preparation including derivatization (if needed) and internal standards (ISTD), QC’s and blank runs.
  • Targeted analysis: ISTD’s, STD’s and QC’s (calibration curve) and quantification calculations included in the price.
  • Non-targeted analysis: Basic multivariate statistical analysis (PCA, PLS-DA, OPLS-DA) included to the price, identification of (novel) metabolites etc. not included, ask N. Sipari for details.
  • Other customized analysis and data processing contact N.Sipari for details.

Non-Targeted metabolite profiling/metabolic fingerprinting

  • UPLC-QTOF/MS analysis
  • GC-QQQ/MS; small biomolecules (sugars and sugar phosphates, organic acids, amino acids etc.)

Targeted, quantitative analysis


Exact mass measurements (MS, MS/MS, MSe)



  • Analysis of plant, microbe, algae, cyanobacteria metabolites (both primary and secondary metabolites): standard assays available: phytohormones, central carbon & nitrogen metabolism, plant sec. metabolites
  • Metabolic profiling/phenotyping (plant lines, treatments, biomarkers)
  • Pharmaceutical area (synthesis products, pharmacokinetics, metabolism)
  • Customized analysis (contact N.Sipari for more detail)
  • Waters Acquity UPLC-PDA-Synapt G2 HDMS/QTOF
  • AbSciex UPLC-QTRAP 6500+
  • Agilent GC-QQQ/MS 7000
Fees, user policy and types of analysis

The research infrastructure is supported by University of Helsinki (HiLIFE, Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences) and Biocenter Finland.

Viikki Metabolomics Unit services are open to academic and commercial users, in local, national and international levels, and following the access model of being first come, first served.

If/when the LSRI PI or personnel of Viikki Metabolomics Unit provide substantial intellectual input to the project/research, the user agrees to include the person(s) as author(s) according to established guideline of the Finnish national board on research integrity.

In addition, the user agrees to acknowledge the core facility and its personnel in the upcoming publication, if any published data is collected in the core facility by the personnel of the unit.

The contribution of BF and HiLIFE Metabolomics platform node Viikki Metabolomics Unit Core Facility should be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of the publications, for example with the sentence: “This work/Part of the work was carried out by X.X. (persons name) at the Viikki Metabolomics Unit, University of Helsinki, Finland with the support of Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, HiLIFE and Biocenter Finland”.

The service list below describes the most typical services provided by ViMU. For customized service and method development and industrial customers, please ask a quotation.

Note that specific long-term MS-based analytical services should always be based on written service agreements with case-specific prices.

The academic prices (excl. VAT) are listed below and include only consumables and maintenance.




Sample price includes

Non-targeted analysis



Sample, ISTD and QC runs*

Targeted analysis



Sample, ISTD, QC and STD runs (calib. curve)

Customized analysis




Data analysis




* Data provided as RAW, NetCDF or MzXML format or txt, csv or xlsx-files. ** Primary metabolites



How to get started?

Different analysis require different amounts of sample, usually around 10-100mg (FW).

Sample tubes: preferably in 1.5 or 2.0 ml eppendorf tubes.

Sample Collections: Quenching in liquid nitrogen immediately after collection and weighing.

Sample storage: at -80°C immediately after the sample collection.

Sample delivery: frozen samples on dry ice if delivered by post/DHL etc. and in liquid nitrogen if delivered personally within Viikki campus.

Sample list: Please send us the sample list ( in an excel file format with all the relevant details i.e., sample names, (fresh/dry) weights, genotype, phenotype, type of sample, age, treatment information, time series data, plus additional information. Please, use running numbers (1, 2, 3…etc.) if possible for naming the samples.

Types of samples and requirements per sample: Contact laboratory coordinator N. Sipari for more details.


Please contact:

R&D Research coordinator
Nina Sipari
+358 (0) 50 415 0337

Location and Shipping Address
Viikki Metabolomics Unit
Nina Sipari
Viikki Campus
Biocenter 2, 1st floor (office 1105 or MS-lab 1079)
(Viikinkaari 5 E)
00014 University of Helsinki

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