FIMM Meta User Policy and pricing

FIMM metabolomics core facility is open to both academic and commercial users nationally and internationally on primary access model being first come, first served.


The use of HiLIFE LSRIs should be mentioned in the acknowledgement section of publications, for example with the sentence “The facilities and expertise of FIMM Metabolomics, supported by HiLIFE and Biocenter Finland, is gratefully acknowledged”.



When LSRI PI or personnel provides substantial intellectual input to the project, they should be included as authors according to established guideline of the Finnish national board on research integrity. Basic services are available with same prices independently of the collaboration. Collaboration is agreed between PI and head of the Unit for method development, targeted flux analysis and statistical analysis. 



FIMM Metabolomics prices are based on University of Helsinki guidelines. Detailed prices for all services are in iLAB. Example pricing for profiling method can be found here. Contact the unit if the project includes method development, shared IPR or shared funding. Additional costs for e.g. weighting, technical replicates, creating the sample list or extensive consultation will be added. Discounts for large sample cohorts (>100).



The invoicer is University of Helsinki, Financial Services. The payment term for domestic clients is 14 days and for foreign clients 30 days. The payment term for Finnish universities is exceptionally 30 days. A payment reminder is sent to clients who have not paid their invoice by the due date. Unpaid invoices are sent to Lowell Suomi Oy that will take care of further reminders and debt collection. Communication at this stage directly with Lowell. It is solely on customers responsibility to upload the invoices to their own electronic invoicing portals after receiving invoice via email Principal Investigator as reseiver.


More information on Helsinki Institute of Life Science research infrastructures  (HiLIFE LSRI) can be found on this website.

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