Light Microscopy Unit

The Light Microscopy Unit of the Institute of Biotechnology serves primarily researchers at the University of Helsinki and other academic institutions in the area but also commercial users. LMU is a part of the Research Program in Cell and Molecular Biology at the Institute of Biotechnology.

Our staff provides training, consultation, support and equipment management services. Larger projects, for example setting up new imaging and analysis methods, can be provided as scientific collaboration. We aim to be a facility for high-end data acquisition with a wide range of supported applications, and to keep pace with developing imaging technologies. Currently supported techniques include:

  • widefield fluorescence imaging
  • point scanning and spinning disk confocal imaging
  • multiphoton imaging
  • high-content confocal and widefield imaging
  • TIRF
  • fluorescence lifetime imaging
  • homoFRET imaging
  • light sheet microscopy
  • STED superresolution microscopy

All methods are available for both live and fixed samples. Data storage and cell culture facilities are also provided. Open access to the instruments is provided after initial user training.

LMU participates in the European Light Microscopy Initiative and the EuroBioImaging project.