Reservations for the light microscopy unit equipment are done in Open IRIS. You have to log in to see, create or modify the reservations. Please see the Open IRIS Wiki for instructions.
Important to know
  • Booking of the equipment before use is compulsory.
  • Check our policy regarding reservations.
  • You can choose the temperature option for your reservation. However, it takes some time to cool down or warm up the microscope, and that the system is unstable during this time. If you want to make a reservation with different temperature than the previous or next reservation, the reservation system will enforce a sufficient cool down / warm up period between the reservations. If you have a good reason you can ask us to make a reservation in the period when the system is still unstable.
  • When making a reservation you need to choose the lasers you will be using. This is important in order to let the previous user know which lasers can be shut down to extend their life time. For some microscopes you can make reservations with 'no laser' -option.
  • Remember to check out our usage fees.
  • If you have not used the microscope in a while, you can ask one of us to help you to get your experiment started. In this case send us an e-mail (lmu-staff (at) preferably at least one week before your reservation.