Finnish Biological NMR Center

The mission of the Finnish Biological NMR Center is to carry out academic research dedicated to improving the understanding of biomolecules, and provide quality services in the field of NMR spectrometry.

We offer access to state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of our staff to further your research.

Instruct-ERIC Centre Finland / NMR

NMR services are part of Instruct-ERIC Centre Finland and can be accessed also through Instruct-ERIC (Instruct Centre Finland / NMR service home pages). See funding possibilities for Instruct-ERIC access.

NMR Services
  • Basic and advanced NMR services
NMR applications

Our High-field NMR instruments are perfect non-destructive tool to e.g.:

  • Determine structure of a macromolecule in liquid state
  • Study protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions in liquid state
  • Characterise dynamics of a macromolecule over a wide range of time scales
  • Determine protein size with Diffusion spectroscopy
  • Analyse protein backbone dynamics
  • Study effects of a mutation to structure
  • 1H, 13C and 15N NMR
  • 19F NMR
  • 29Si NMR
  • 31P NMR
  • Small molecule NMR
NMR instrumentation

850 MHz Avance III HD

600 MHz Avance III

600 MHz Avance III (VTT)

  • Equipped with Cryogenically cooled QCI 1H-13C/31P/15N/D probehead
NMR Sample requirements

NMR sample should be soluble to NMR solvents and contain no solid particles.

The buffer should not contain any other small molecules (eg. HEPES, TRIS, EDTA).

Salt concentration should be as low as possible, <100 mM.

  • Preferred solvents
    • 5% D2O:H2O for protein samples
    • D2O, CDCl3, DMSO-D6, Acetone-D6
  • Minimum Volume
    • 500 µl for 5 mm tube
    • 250 µl for 5mm Shigemi tube
  • Minimum Concentrations
    • 0.05 mM for 1H experiment
    • 0.1 mM for 2D experiments
    • 0.1 - 0.3 mM  for protein NMR

NMR user policy
  • NMR Core facility is open to both academic and commercial users.
  • To start a project
    •  register and login to Ilab
      • Send project request
    • or contact grp-nmrservice[at]
  • Acknowledgements: User agrees to acknowledge the NMR center in the upcoming publications and theses with e.g. the following text:

    "The facilities and expertise of the HiLIFE NMR unit at the University of Helsinki, a member of Instruct-ERIC Centre Finland, FINStruct, and Biocenter Finland are gratefully acknowledged."
  • Users agree to send the bibliography of the published material (scientific papers, theses) to grp-nmrservice[at]
  • Old Reservation book (not in use 6.2.2023->)
NMR Pricelist

From 15.2.2023 onwards

850 MHz Spectrometer time €/Hour €/Day €/Week*
Internal (UH) 20 210 1050
BF 25 260 1300
External 342 ** **

* 7 consecutive days

**Ask for quotation

600 MHz Spectrometer time €/Hour €/Day €/Week*
Internal (UH) 7 73 365
BF 9 95 475
External 291 ** **

* 7 consecutive days

**Ask for quotation

Operator time €/hour
Internal & BF 23


NMR publications


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