Finnish Biological NMR Center

  • Basic and advanced NMR services

Our High-field NMR instruments are perfect non-destructive tool to e.g.:

  • Determine structure of a macromolecule in liquid state
  • Study protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions in liquid state
  • Characterise dynamics of a macromolecule over a wide range of time scales
  • Determine protein size with Diffusion spectroscopy
  • Analyse protein backbone dynamics
  • Study effects of a mutation to structure
  • 19F measurements
  • Small molecule NMR
  • NMR Core facility is open to both academic and commercial users.
  • Customers are served based on reservations made in the Reservation book
  • Please contact grp-nmrservice[at] to start a project

Updated 23.8.2019

UH/BF user
(University of Helsinki and Biocenter Finland)

Spectrometer time WITH OPERATOR
  Charges €/h
  1st & 2nd hour 3rd to 6th hour 7th hour onwards
850 MHz TCI CryoProbe 235 €/h 120 €/h 10 €/h
600 MHz BB SmartProbe 40 €/h 20 €/h 3 €/h
600 MHz TCI CryoProbe 80 €/h 40 €/h 6 €/h
Spectrometer time WITHOUT OPERATOR
850 MHz TCI CryoProbe 10 €/h    
600 MHz BB SmartProbe 3 €/h    
600 MHz TCI CryoProbe 6 €/h    

Academic user (non UH/BF)

Spectrometer time WITH OPERATOR
  Charges €/h
  1st & 2nd hour 3rd to 6th hour 7th hour onwards
850 MHz TCI CryoProbe 250 €/h 150 €/h 55 €/h
600 MHz BB SmartProbe 60 €/h 30 €/h 10 €/h
600 MHz TCI CryoProbe 100 €/h 50 €/h 15 €/h
Spectrometer time WITHOUT OPERATOR
850 MHz TCI CryoProbe 55 €/h    
600 MHz BB SmartProbe 10 €/h    
600 MHz TCI CryoProbe 15 €/h    

Non-academic user

Spectrometer time WITH OPERATOR
  Charges €/h
  1st & 2nd hour 3rd to 6th hour 7th hour onwards
850 MHz TCI CryoProbe 310 €/h 260 €/h 235 €/h
600 MHz BB SmartProbe 100 €/h 70 €/h 40 €/h
600 MHz TCI CryoProbe 150 €/h 90 €/h 60 €/h
Spectrometer time WITHOUT OPERATOR
850 MHz TCI CryoProbe 235 €/h    
600 MHz BB SmartProbe 40 €/h    
600 MHz TCI CryoProbe 60 €/h    


NMR tubes Academic (Non-academic)
5 mm, normal 2 € (3 €)
3 mm, normal 17 € (20 €)
5 mm, shigemi 100 € (115 €)
4 mm, shigemi 100 € (115 €)
3 mm, shigemi 100 € (115 €)
Solvents €/sample
D2O 1 €/sample (1 €/sample)
DMSO-D6 3 €/sample (4 €/sample)
CDCl3 1 €/sample (1 €/sample)
MeOD-D4 9 €/sample (10 €/sample)
Acetone-D6 4 €/sample (5 €/sample)
Prices for other solvents on request  



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