Targeted Screens

Helsinki Complex, JCSG-plus™, MIDASplus™, Morpheus®, MemGold™, MemMeso™.
Helsinki Complex

This screen is designed for crystallisation of protein complexes based on a survey of the pdb. PEG conditions are well represented (conditions).


The most complete sparse matrix screen, is the screen of choice for initial screening (Molecular Dimensions MD1-40).


A crystallization screen based on alternative polymeric precipitants. Ideal for protein, protein/protein complexes, protein-nucleic acid complexes, and sensitive macromolecular complexes (Molecular Dimensions MD1-107).


The sparse matrix screen. Includes low molecular weight ligands found to promote the formation of crystal contacts. Morpheus® is cryoprotected and presented as a ready-to-use crystal growth screen (Molecular Dimensions MD1-47).


For membrane proteins. The MemGold™ screens are the result of data mining of successful crystallization conditions for alpha helical prokariotic and eukariotic membrane proteins (Molecular Dimensions MD1-41).


MemMeso™ has been designed to work in synergy with Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP), now commonly used in membrane protein crystallization, without perturbing phase formation. Up-to-date conditions data-mined from current reported GPCR crystal structures (Molecular Dimensions MD1-87).