Sparse Matrix Screens

Sparse Matrix Screens

Helsinki Random I, Helsinki Random II, Helsinki Cryo, Helsinki X-tal Factorial, Helsinki Synergy

Helsinki Random I

The classic sparse matrix screen based on Jancaric and Kim (1991) and modified by Cudney et al (1994). Samples salts, polymers, organics and pH (see conditions).

Helsinki Random II

A combined sparse matrix and incomplete factorial screens, samples pH 3.5 to 8.5, low ionic strength, high ionic strength and mixed polymer/salt conditions and halides for potential phasing (see conditions).

Helsinki Cryo

A cryoprotected screen where crystals can be directly frozen from their crystallisation solutions (see conditions).

Helsinki X-tal Factorial

Incomplete factorial screen adopted and modified from Johan Zeelen. Includes reagents and conditions different from other random screens we have (see conditions).

Helsinki Synergy

A screen searching for a synergy between mechanistically different precipitants, adapted from Majeed et al (2003). The original screen includes 64 conditions, rest of the block is duplicated as a 67% dilution of selected conditions (see conditions).