Additional Services

SEC-MALS, Thermofluor
  • SEC-MALS - Analysis of sample monodispersity and molecular weight by analytical size exclusion chromatography and static light scattering with microliter volumes (Agilent HPLC with UV and fluorescence detectors, Wyatt Technology miniDAWN TREOS and Optilab REX detectors).
  • Thermofluor - We do protein optimisation of fluorescence-based thermal shift assay (Thermofluor), measured in a real-time PCR machine (Agi­lent Tech­no­lo­gies Strata­gene Mx3005P). Sample optimisation and protein stability measurements are highly recommended as a first step before crystallization. A pre-screen helps optimizing protein to dye ratios. Using a full buffer and salt screen (96 wells format) we can measure the thermostability of your protein based on fluorescent dye binding.
  • We can discuss your protein production plan for structural studies, and we can help you to screen for protein stability prior to crystallization. We can also help you further with the structure determination and analysis, if you provide us with a student to go along with your crystals!

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