BI Histoscanner

Scan all of your samples on our digital slide scanner and use your computer as your microscope!

We provide high-throughput brightfield scanning for your microscopy slides. Located at the Institute of Biotechnology (HiLIFE Unit, Viikki), we will efficiently scan your slides and you can retrieve the files from our university server to be viewed at your convenience on any computer. This service is excellent for presentations, publications, and analysis. 

Currently our scanner is equipped with 20X and 40X air objectives.


Address: Institute of Biotechnology, Histoscanner, BIOKESKUS 2, room 6024B, (Viikinkaari 5D) 00014 UH

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to bring your slides to us please contact with the following information:

  • Number of slides
  • Estimated date when slides will be delivered to us
  • Your contact information: Name, address/department, email, invoice address/contact person, cost unit
  BI/Pharmacy University of Helsinki Commercial
20x Single Layer 3€ 4,5€ 8,4€
40x Single Layer 5€ 5,75€ 9,3€

Extended Focus or Z-stack

5€ 6,5€ 20€

Price is per slide.

  • Slide must be between 0,9 mm and 1,2 mm thick
  • Sections should be close to the centre of the slide (> 5mm)
  • Fewer sections per slide than normally
  • Mounted with permanent mounting media
  • Place coverslip carefully. Coverslip must not protrude over the edge of the slide at all
  • Slides should be cleaned of excess mounting media
  • If you wish to have your slide files named, you may include an excel file with the names of the slides in the exact order in which you have given them
  • Average file size is 1-1,5 GB
  • You can transfer your data from our server or pick it up with external harddisk
  • Install free software from 3DHISTECH:
  • High throughput brightfield scanning for microscopy slides
  • 20X or 40X objective
  • Automatic slide loading, previewing, barcode reading, and scanning
  • Utilizes 4MP CMOS camera with 130 fps speed
  • 0,24 um/pixel resolution with the combined 20X/0.8 NA objective (equivalent to 40X  magnification)
  • Free software for viewing (Pannoramic or Case Viewer available from 3DHISTECH)
  • View images from computer screen with different magnifications
  • One file / slide
  • Equal background in all images
  • Choose extended focus or Z-stack for increased layers of focus