Supporting facilities

Supporting facilities for surgery, genetic manipulation and behavioral training (behavioral testing coming soon).
Surgical hoods

The unit has three surgery hoods, equipped with stereotaxic frame (mouse), stereomicroscope and inhalation anaesthesia. Microinjection device is available upon request. Use BSL1 level AAV viruses is allowed upon agreement with the unit personnel. 

Electroporation in utero

Electroporation in utero setup is used for transfection and manipulation of neuronal precursor cells in the rodent cortex or hippocampus. It allows alteration of gene expression in different populations of neurons in vivo during embryonic stages and follow the changes up to 2 months after birth.  

Device: Electroporator BTX ECM 830 

Training platform for head-fixation

The unit has a platform for habituation of the mice to the head-fixation in the Mobile HomeCage. The platform can be used for simultaneous training of max three mice.