User access policy

All infrastructure under HAIP is open-access with user fees. If the demand exceeds the capacity of the LSRI/platform projects are prioritized by scientific evaluation.

User guidelines

HAIP offer services in various in vivo animal imaging modalities as well as consultation in designing the projects and choosing the best imaging modality. Contact PI of the corresponding LRSI or the platform coordinators for details. 

User fees

Detailed user fees for HAIP infrastructure and services are specified under each LSRI page.


Please note that if you have used any of the HAIP instruments or services for your publication, you are expected to mention HAIP in the Acknowledgements and inform the corresponding LSRI about your publication. A very general acknowledgement would be something like:

“The facilities and expertise of (insert LSRI name) of Helsinki In vivo Animal Imaging (HAIP), supported by HiLIFE is gratefully acknowledged”. 

When LSRI personnel provides substantial intellectual input to the project, they should be included as authors according to established international guidelines.