Information for new users

Please contact Sari Lauri ( or Anastasia Ludwig ( for new project requests.

User training:

Obtaining access and reservation rights for all instruments requires training by unit personnel. After training, instrument reservations are done using Open IRIS. The instructions on how to log in and register as a new user can be found in the Open IRIS wiki.

Assisted use:

Some of the techniques used in the unit are challenging. Assisted use by the unit personnel is possible, with additional cost (after training). The details can be agreed individually when new projects are started.

User fees:

  Price per hour / EUR  
  Internal (UH) External
2-photon microscopy (Femtonics) 29 58
Wide – field imaging (InVigilo) 24 48
Fiber photometry (R820) 3 6
Miniscope (nVoke) 10 20
Func­tional ul­tra­sound (Iconeus One) 26 52
Intrinsic optical imaging 14 28
Surgery Hoods 3 6
In utero electroporation 4 8
Training platform for head fixation 3 6