Animal Welfare and Health Monitoring

In the Laboratory Animal Center (LAC), the designated veterinarians are responsible for animal welfare. At the facilities, animal caretakers look after the daily welfare of the animals. If possible, animals will be kept in groups and animals are provided with appropriate cage items.

The veterinarians are responsible to plan and organize the health monitoring at the LAC. With the health monitoring, the LAC knows what is the microbiological status of the animal facilities. The health monitoring is planned individually in every microbiologically separate facility with FELASA (Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) guidelines and recommendations.

At the LAC, the health monitoring is done four times per year in F-building and Biomedicum animal facilities for mice and rats.

The health monitoring reports are found in Flamma intranet.

Because of the different health statuses at the animal facilities, there are some limitations to move animals between the facilities. The possible animal transfers between LAC's facilities are shown in the following file:

Instructions for import and export of experimental animals can be seen in intranet Flamma (UH staff only and requires logging in to the Flamma).