Laboratory Animal Center LAC

The Laboratory Animal Centre (LAC) of the University of Helsinki is a common service institute of the University’s Faculties and independent institutions, and its duties are:
  • Produce and provide laboratory animals for research and training
  • Assist researchers to plan and carry out animal experiments
  • Follow and enforce the development of the national and international legislation and guidelines of the laboratory animal science and instruct researcher communities to attend them
  • Look after that the ethical principles of the laboratory animal science are fulfilled at the University of Helsinki
  • Get acquainted with the methods of the laboratory animal production and care, follow the development of the laboratory animal science, and contribute the co-operation with other laboratory animal institutions in Finland and abroad
  • Contribute co-operation with the economic life and establish research contracts and standing orders concerning the laboratory animal use
  • Provide professional up-dating and post-graduate education in laboratory animal science
  • Instruct and make statements and research assistance concerning laboratory animal use

LAC has facilities in Viikki (in F-building, Biocenter 3 and Lagre Animal Unit) and in Meilahti (Biomedicum).In its units, LAC provides appropriate animal facilities for mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, sheep, swine, poultry, cats and dogs.

The contribution of HiLIFE Laboratory Animal Centre must be acknowledged in publications deriving from our services with a phrase: “This work/Part of the work was carried out with the support of HiLIFE Laboratory Animal Centre Core Facility, University of Helsinki, Finland.