Animal management system

Laboratory Animal Centre has the animal management system, LabAnimals Pro, which is a web browser based, online service. The system serves the staff of the LAC and research groups with animal management. To have access to the system, users have to register their University’s user IDs to the system.

Instructions for registration:

  • Go to the web address
  • In the front page, select "Rekisteröidy"
  • Give your University’s user name and pass word
  • Fill in registration form and send information
  • Wait before you have an e-mail from administrator and your username has been activated

In Provet system, all animals are placed in animal licenses, either approved by the National Animal Experiment Board (external license) or by the LAC (internal license). When the license has been approved, someone from the research group must enter the license to Provet. After the license has been checked and activated by the administrator, the animals can be entered to the system.

More information about the Provet system: Niina Kemppinen