Revontuli is the third spectrometer of the Center for X-ray spectroscopy.
It is fully open to users for XAS experiments and its XES capability is currently under development.

It is designed to be coupled to the Ion beam irradiation facility available at the Accelerator laboratory of the Department of Physics of the University of Helsinki, opening the opportunity to follow in situ during ion irradiation the changes of local and electronic structure in materials. This unique facility will unlock our understanding of the atomic-scale phenomena and mechanisms behind the irradiation resistance or induced local disorder/amorphisation of materials subject to extreme conditions.

The spherically bent (R=0.5 m) monochromator crystals are pooled with HelXAS and Sampo.

Available equipment at Revontuli
X-ray source Micro X-ray Inc. 50 W mini-focus packaged x-ray tube with air cooling, Rh anode