Monochromator crystals

Monochromators are critical equipment in the x-ray spectrometers. We have an extensive pool of crystals that are shared between the spectrometers.
Would you like to support us? We are in need of a Ge(331) wafer or a R=0.5 m crystal for Ti K edge studies, which would benefit from that reflection instead of our current Si(400) crystal.
Spherically bent crystals

R = 0.5 m anodic bonding strip-bent:

Si(111), Si(220), Si(400), Si(331), Si(531), Si(533), Si(551), Si(553), Si(953) 

Ge(111), Ge(311), Ge(422)

R = 1.0 m anodic bonding:

Si(111), Si(220), Si(311), Si(331), Si(422), Si(553)

Wafers for vacuum clamped monochromators with a R = 0.5 m glass blank

Si(311), Si(422), Si(733), Si(755), Si(931)


R = 0.25 m anodic bonding

Si(111), Si(620), Si(11,3,3)