The HelXAS spectrometer was developed in 2017 and is the first laboratory-scale X-ray absorption spectrometer of the Center for X-ray spectroscopy.

It is located at the X-ray laboratory of the Department of Physics of the University of Helsinki.

The setup is throuroughly described in the following article, which the users of the facility should cite:
A.-P. Honkanen et al., Johann-type laboratory-scale x-ray absorption spectrometer with versatile detection modes, Review of Scientific Instruments 90, 033107 (2019); https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5084049
(also available on arXiv through this link)

Thanks to its simple and modular design, XAS measurements can be performed in transmission, fluorescence, and imaging modes, with easy accomodation of additional equipment and complex sample environments whenever required for e.g. in situ catalysis studies.

HelXAS is designed to work ideally in the 4-20 keV energy range, allowing the study of 3d metals from Cr to Zn and 4f elements such as Ce and Nd for example, and giving the opportunity to probe the local environment of actinides such as Th and U, or heavy metals such as Mo and Zr.