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Three XAS/XES spetrometers are currently available to carry out experiments in the Helsinki region at the Center for X-ray spectroscopy.

With external partners, we have also an international branch (see below). There are also several additional state-of-the-art X-ray based instruments, including XRF, µCT and XRD to name a few, available on request for complementary characterizations and pre-screening of samples (see Supporting laboratories). Interested? The best option is just to contact us and ask recommendations and best practices for your case.

Not sure which of our spectrometers is right for your research ?

To find the right spectrometer for your need, please have a look to their quick description on the table below, or ask us.

Quick description of our spectrometers
Beamline Available technique(s) Main application field Photon energies Status
HelXAS X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XANES & EXAFS) in transmission and fluorescence mode (+ imaging possibilities) in-situ catalysis / environmental science / Generic material studies 5-25 keV Open for users
Sampo X-ray absorption spectrocopy (XANES & EXAFS) in transmission mode (fluorescence mode under development) Radioactive samples 5-20 keV Open for users
Revontuli X-ray absorption spectrocopy (XANES & EXAFS) in transmission and fluorescence mode
X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES)
Generic material science 5-23 keV Open for users
HotXAS* X-ray absorption spectrocopy (XANES & EXAFS) in transmission mode Spent nuclear fuel dissolution products and minor actinide compounds such as MOX fuels 5-23 keV Under construction

*HotXAS will be located in the hot laboratory of the Atalante facility of CEA Marcoule in France, and requires a special agreement in order to perform an experiment. There may be additional fees for accessing it depending on the individual agreement. Please contact us for more details.

Further information on our spectrometers