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Institute of Biotechnology
Electron Microscopy Unit
P.O.Box 56 FIN-00014
University of Helsinki Finland

Street address for urgent packages and visits

Institute of Biotechnology
Viikinkaari 9
00790, Helsinki

The main entrance to the building is from the short side facing the blue round Info-building. Take the stairs down from the main lobby to the ground floor and continue walking until you come to stairwell C. Above the class door, there is a text "Elektronimikroskopia", and door bell in in the door frame.

Contact email and phone

tel.: +358 2 941 59507

Research Director

Eija Jokitalo
Tel: +358 2 941 59504
GSM: +358 50 469 6799

CryoEM -unit

Group Leader Sarah Butcher (See Butchers's research group website)