New HiLIFE Fellows have been selected

Selections from HiLIFE Fellows 2022 call have been completed. Altogether, 71 Fellows were chosen to the three-year Fellow program promoting University’s high-quality life science research.

The two-stage evaluation process of the applications was completed in October. Thereafter, the HiLIFE Scientific Council assessed the top applications taking into consideration both the international evaluation and goals of the Fellows Program. Based on HiLIFE Scientific Council’s recommendation given in November 2022, HiLIFE Director decided on new Fellows and their funding for term 1.1.2023-31.12.2025 (HiLIFE Director’s decision 7/2022).  

- The scientific quality of the applications was outstanding as was also noted by our Scientific Council, says Jari Koistinaho, Director of HiLIFE. 

A central goal of HiLIFE Fellows Program is to build an inclusive and collaborative life science (LS) environment that bridges the campuses and all UH LS units. Fellows program activities will start with a kick-off event in February 2023. The Fellows' community will be involved in developing and organizing these activities. 

- I am very pleased that we are now able to continue our Fellow program, which strongly supports both top scientists and promising young talents across the life science campuses, notes Koistinaho. 

Altogether 71 Fellows were selected from the call which is ca. 41% of all applications (175). Fifteen of these Fellows applied in the starting category, 18 in the consolidator category and 38 in the advanced category. Amongst both starting and consolidator category applicants 38% were selected to the program, in advanced category 44%.  About 39% of Fellows are female. Out of the 71 new Fellows, 36 were also granted funding. 

In addition to the Fellows selected on the open call, 9 researchers were invited by HiLIFE to join the Fellows for term 1.1.2023-31.12.2025.

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