Call for applications: HiLIFE Fellows Program

HiLIFE is now inviting applications for a three-year Fellows Program amongst promising early career researchers and established research leaders of the University of Helsinki (UH).

HiLIFE Helsinki Institute of Life Science is a strategic tool of the University of Helsinki to nurture excellence and an attractive international environment where today’s challenges in health and environment are solved together. HiLIFE Fellows Program promotes University’s high-quality life science research by identifying, funding and otherwise supporting existing talent across the Life Science campuses.

The HiLIFE Fellows will play a key role in forming a thriving LS environment at the University, thus all eligible applicants are encouraged to apply to become part of our valued Fellows community. HiLIFE will organize Program activities which will facilitate networking, fundraising and building inclusive and collaborative life science research environment – opening up excellent opportunities for developing the life science research together with other highly qualified, innovative scientists!

Application process

Up to 60 HiLIFE Fellows will be chosen within three career stages (starting, consolidator, and advanced researchers) based on scientific excellence. Furthermore, HiLIFE will grant approximately 35 of these chosen Fellows a funding of maximum 50 000 €/year, for a total of 3 years to support future top researchers in building independent research career, and to boost high international level curiosity driven science at all career stages.

A HiLIFE Fellow applicant must be an active conductor of research at the University of Helsinki.

Read more on eligibility, application guidelines, and Fellows Program on UH intranet.

Applications for the HiLIFE Fellows program can be submitted until May 31, 2022, by 16.00 EET.

Decision on HiLIFE Fellows is expected by December 2022, along with initiation of funding for the chosen Fellows.


“Opening this new HiLIFE Fellows call is certainly an exciting moment, as finally we can put the feedback received from the University community and the HiLIFE evaluation panel´s report into practice.

The goal of the Fellows program, in addition to the financial support, is to build an active and impactful life science expertise community encompassing all career stages. This is under continuous development and the Fellows' community will be involved in planning.

Also, the feedback HiLIFE received regarding the application process and evaluation in 2017 call is considered in the process. Key evaluation aspect is the broad definition of scientific quality and impact that accounts for diversity of research and outputs.”

-HiLIFE Director Olli Silvennoinen


Further information

Further information on the call can be requested from Fellows call admin team.

Senior Advisor Sanna Leinonen, Research Services

Head of administration Jonna Katajisto, HiLIFE