The HiLIFE Fellows call 2022 - second stage evaluation started

The first stage evaluation of HiLIFE Fellows 2022 applications has been completed.

The first stage evaluation panel has selected 129 applications, which have been sent to the second stage international evaluation. After the second stage evaluation and HiLIFE Scientific Council’s proposal, the decision on HiLIFE Fellows will be finalized by December 2022.

Based on scientific excellence, up to 60 HiLIFE Fellows will be selected from three career stage categories: starting, consolidator, and advanced researcher. HiLIFE supports the Fellows on their three-year term by steering a community through program activities relating to networking, research collaboration, and funding support, to name a few. In addition, HiLIFE will grant funding up to 50 000 €/year for approximately 35 of these Fellows for three years.

The university community will be next informed when the decision on the new HiLIFE Fellows has been finalized. Meanwhile, any enquiries on this topic can be sent to